Jimmy Jacobs Comments On His WWE Firing (Audio)

Former WWE producer Jimmy Jacobs has made his first public comments about being released from the company last week. Jacobs will be a special guest on the Live Audio Wrestling podcast, which drops this Sunday night.

LAW released a teaser clip of the Jacobs interview featuring Jacobs talking about the now infamous photo he took with the Bullet Club during their recent invasion of Monday Night RAW. Host John Pollock asked about his initial reaction to the firing, Jacobs replied, “No mistake was made. I am ‘A-OK’ with the way everything went down.”

Since his release, several people have spoken about Jacobs being great to work with behind the scenes, including former WWE head writer Tom Casiello and Chris Jericho. In response to reports that WWE management had issues with Jacobs prior to the Bullet Club photo incident, he’s unaware there were any other issues brewing.

“[The Bullet Club photo] was given to me as the reason. I’ve read a couple sites saying there were things leading up to it, or this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, if it was, I’m not aware of any of that. It’s certainly possible, who knows.”

You can hear the audio here and make sure to check out Live Audio Wrestling this weekend for the full interview.