Jinder Mahal Talks Differences Between RAW & SmackDown, Winning WWE United States Title

Photo Credit: @WWE on Twitter

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has had two completely different runs with the WWE.

In April of 2011 Mahal made his main roster debut and would eventually find himself as a member of the Three Man Band (3MB) trio alongside Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater.

In 2014, however, his run with the WWE came to an end when he was released from his deal. He would return to the independent circuit for two years, where he would reinvent himself creatively and physically, before being brought back to WWE around the time of the Superstar Shake-Up last year.

He has been the talent who has worked on both brands, RAW and SmackDown Live. The former WWE Champion was recently interviewed by Planeta Wrestling (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc).

During the interview, he was asked about the locker room differences between RAW and SmackDown.

“Generally, it is still the same but different competitors. Obviously, in WWE everyone is on top of their game. WWE is the epitome of Sports Entertainment, it gets no bigger than this. So, whether you are on Raw or on SmackDown, the level of talent that we have on both sides is second to none. Overall, feeling in the locker room is still the same, but I keep to myself and focus on myself, and hope for the best.”

Back at the biggest event of the year for the sports entertainment company, WrestleMania 34, Mahal defeated Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, and Rusev to win the United States Title.

“WrestleMania is amazing. 78,000 people there all over the world, including people from Spain. Everybody thought it was ‘Rusev Day,’ no way, it was ‘Maharaja Day.’ Unfortunately, Kurt Angle put me in a match that I wasn’t prepared for when I lost the United States Championship to Jeff Hardy on Raw after WrestleMania, or else I would have brought the US Championship to Spain but we will get that Championship back. I look forward to many other WrestleMania moments, even main eventing WrestleMania.”

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