Joaquin Wilde Reflects On Decade-Long Journey To WWE

WWE NXT Superstar Joaquin Wilde has reflected on the past decade and his long journey in getting signed by WWE.

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NXT Superstar Joaquin Wilde has reflected on his decade-long journey in getting signed to WWE. The Superstar shared his journey via Twitter, detailing his accomplishments, as well as his failures, as he continued to grind towards his ultimate goal.

A Wilde Decade

Looking back to 2010, Wilde shared how he had been invited to a WWE/FCW tryout camp but was ultimately rejected. The next year, he would sign with TNA. 2012 saw him win his first TNA X-Division Championship before he began DJ’ing in 2013. Wilde confessed that he only began DJ’ing as he believed it would make him “more interesting to WWE.”

His 2014 saw him DJ live on Sway in the Morning before he began training with Skayde in 2015. He then reached out to WWE, only to be rejected again. Despite this further setback, 2016 saw him continue to grow and improve, with Wilde earning his second X-Division championship. Unfortunately, this was the year he also suffered his first injury, breaking his wrist.

2017 would see him invited for a WWE Performance Center tryout. A near-death experience in Mexico, however, would force him to miss out on the opportunity. So, in 2018, he began wrestling for EVOLVE in the hope it would get him “closer” to WWE. He once again tried reaching out, only to be rejected once more.

In 2019, however, Wilde finally signed with WWE. He competed on WWE’s black-and-gold brand as well as 205 Live. He also competed in the NXT Breakout Tournament, losing in the first round to Angel Garza.

“It took me literally the entire decade to make it to WWE,” he wrote. “I never lost hope at any point, despite several rejections and setbacks throughout the journey. And after 10 years, the journey is still just getting started.”

After suffering an injury, Wilde revealed in November that he had been medically cleared by WWE to return to in-ring action.