Joey Mercury’s Lawyers Issue Statement On Dismissed Charges

Joey Mercury
Joey Mercury

Joey Mercury was able to prove he was not responsible for a series of fraudulent credit card purchases recently. Mercury was arrested over All In Weekend in Chicago when it was discovered he had an outstanding warrant from Florida. His passport records and proof of him participating at wrestling events during the time in which the crimes happened led to charges against him being dismissed yesterday, however.

Just because the charges were dismissed and Mercury was proven innocent doesn’t mean he hasn’t suffered as a result, however. The arrest led to Mercury not being able to work as an agent for All In. Reports of his arrest, even though he was innocent, could also have potentially prevented other promoters from booking Joey.

Mercury’s lawyer’s released the following statement in regard’s to his case:

Seth Rollins Responds

WWE Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins, commented on the situation involving the former J&J Security Team member.

“Innocence should never be taken for granted. Joey’s story is just one of many, but hopefully his case can help bring attention to those who’ve been wronged as well.

Unfortunately for Joey and others, the public can often view celebrities as “guilty until proven innocent” when reports of their arrest surface. In the case of Mercury, he was able to prove his innocence but doing so isn’t always that easy, even for the truly innocent.