Joey Ryan’s Ghost Announces “Murder Mystery” Event For Starrcast

Joey Ryan has not been murdered. In fact, the popular independent wrestler is still very much alive and will be attending Starrcast this weekend.

In the world of “Being the Elite”, however, Ryan is believed to have been murdered by Hangman Page. Some assumed this would lead to a match between victim and murderer at “All In” but Page has been booked for a match against “Bad Boy” Joey Janela instead.

Ryan will hold two “Ghostly Meet and Greets” on August 31st and September 1st before a full “Murder Mystery” event on the Sunday. Whether or not he plays a role in the match between Janela and Page remains unclear.

Did Hangman Page Murder Joey Ryan?

It’s been a huge year for 27-year-old Adam “Hangman” Page. He made his debut in NJPW’s G1 Climax tournament this year and racked up a 3-6 record but earned praise for his performances.

On the YouTube show “Being the Elite”, Page has started to unravel in recent months. It is speculated that Page grew jealous of Joey Ryan’s popularity and wanted to be known as the only “dick-wrestler” in the business.

Page spoke with Impact Wrestling’s Alicia Atout back in June regarding his opinion of Ryan.

“He was a penis pretender,” Page said. “I’m going to talk about him in the past tense maybe; he’s missing.”

“For years and years he built his whole career off a lie,” Page said regarding Ryan’s gimmick. “As if he had a more impressive nether-region than I did and it just wasn’t true.”