John Cena Animated Series “Dallas and Robo” Premieres 5/30

Dalla and Robo, the new YouTube Red animated series starring John Cena and Kat Dennings, will premiere on May 30th.

The 8-episode series will be available on WWE’s popular YouTube channel and is produced by ShadowMachine (BoJack Horseman, Robot Chicken).

“Dallas & Robo” is a buddy comedy centered on sassy space-trucker “Dallas” (Kat Dennings) and self-proclaimed warrior-poet “Robo” (John Cena) who must navigate their way around cannibal bikers, rival space truckers, and vending machine burritos as they try to make a buck in the seedy world of interplanetary big-rigging.

In a press release sent out last summer, Cena said, “I’m thrilled to join Kat and the rest of this fantastic voice cast for Dallas & Robo. The writing for this series is flat-out funny and very creative, and I’m really looking forward to being a part of such a unique, entertaining project.”

Susanne Daniels, YouTube’s Global Head of Original Content, said, “With Kat Dennings and John Cena bringing these animated characters to life, I have no doubt viewers are going to have fun watching this imaginative, new outer space comedy from Shadowmachine.”