John Cena Closing In On $10 Million A Year In WWE, Batista Argues With WWE Fan, More

– The latest edition of WWE’s “This Week In WWE” YouTube segment, which you can view above, looks at the debut edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, where The Undertaker took on Damien Demento in the main event.

– John Cena is reportedly closing in on earning $10 million per year from WWE, according to a post written by Dave Meltzer of The $10 million annual salary certainly puts Cena, who has had a rare run of over a decade in a main event position in the company, in a very elite class in terms of others who have earned money at that level from WWE.

– While out in Hollywood achieving success few WWE Superstars have ever had, Batista still manages to find time to engage in social media beefs with pro wrestling fans, as he recently had an exchange with a fan who got in a one-liner on him. A fan asked “The Animal” what role he would play if he was in the Titanic movie, to which Batista sarcastically replied, “The ship.” The fan then responded, “So just like your WWE career, you’d sink.” This led to a defensive Batista posting the following tweet listing his WWE credentials before closing with a quick dig at the fan.