John Cena Loses “$1 Bet” With MLB Pitcher Logan Allen, Cena & Allen Comment

John Cena Loses
John Cena loses one-dollar bet with San Diego Padres pitcher Logan Allen

It looks like it’s time for John Cena to “pay up.”

The longtime WWE Superstar made a public one-dollar bet with MLB pitching prospect Logan Allen back in March. The terms of the bet were simple — if Allen makes it to the big leagues, Cena promised to hand over an autographed one-dollar bill to the MLB player. If Allen doesn’t make it to the big show, he’ll do the same for Cena. wrote the following about the bet back on March 8th:

“If and when Allen makes it to the show, Cena plans on delivering the dollar to Allen in person at Petco Park in San Diego.”

The WWE website article on the story also included a quote from Cena’s interview with Dennis Lin of The Athletic back on March 7th.

“It’ll be the greatest dollar that I ever spent,” Cena said to The Athletic of the bet with Allen.

John Cena Loses Bet With Logan Allen

Cena admitted in a tweet posted back in March when the story of the bet came out that he hopes he is wrong and that he would be honored to pay-up if it helps motivate Allen to reach his goal.

Well, that’s exactly what happened, as Logan Allen will make his first start for the MLB’s San Diego Padres franchise this week.

The future WWE Hall Of Famer and host of “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” on Nickelodeon took to social media to post another update about the bet with Logan Allen.

“So, so thankful for [WWE] being in my life,” Cena wrote on Tuesday afternoon, as we noted here at “Sometimes ‘you can’t see me,’ but I’m always closer than you think.”

Cena added, “Love all of you and thank you for a wonderful evening. Tonight is another chance to be part of something so special #onedollarbet.”

Allen, MLB Tout Victory Over Cena In “$1 Bet”

Logan Allen also took to social media to comment on his bet with the pro wrestling legend.

“Unbelievable night,” Allen wrote via his official Twitter page. “One I truly will not forget. Thank you to everyone that reached out.”

He continued, “John Cena … you owe me a [dollar]. Let’s Go Padres!”

Additionally, the San Diego Padres released a video about the bet in a new tweet posted on Tuesday afternoon. The tweet would prompt another response from Cena.

“Tonight, [Logan Allen] earns his dollar from [John Cena] as he makes his Major League debut,” the San Diego Padres Twitter page wrote on Tuesday evening. “Tomorrow, the dollar gets paid in person. #onedollarbet.”

Cena replied, “Never underestimate the value of a dollar. Tomorrow I will gladly pay what is owed. Tonight is something special. #OneDollarBet.”

For more on the bet between Cena and Allen, check out the following story published on Wednesday on the official Major League Baseball (MLB) website at

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