John Cena Says Brock Lesnar Is The Greatest In-Ring Performer Ever

John Cena says Brock Lesnar is the best performer in WWE history.

John Cena Brock Lesnar

In a recent interview with, John Cena says that Brock Lesnar is the greatest WWE performer of all-time. Cena discussed watching the Royal Rumble from his home on the WWE Network and how he doesn’t feel his presence was missed on the show.

“I can say with the utmost sincerity that I believe Brock Lesnar is best in-ring performer that I’ve seen and I know it’s an opinion, and if you want a cool quote, here it is: I think he’s the best in-ring performer of all time,” Cena said during the interview.

Cena would continue to talk about Lesnar’s performance in the men’s Royal Rumble match.

“I thought his performance at the Rumble was a clinic on how to establish yourself, how to establish those around you, establish the championship, establish the importance of one event.”

Cena then double-down on his comments regarding Lesnar being the best performer in WWE history.

“I really do think so. I genuinely think he has a good understanding of who he is.”

Cena then said he believes Lesnar has a great presence in the ring.

“He believes so much in his presence, and he has such a definable presence you can’t ignore him and he never wastes anyone’s time and everything he does is special and everything he does meaningful and it’s not all selfish. He’s one of the most giving performers in the WWE and that is the mark of a true craftsman and a true professional. It was awesome to watch. My jaw dropped when I watched the Rumble.”

Cena continued to talk about if he’ll be at WrestleMania and more of his thoughts about the Royal Rumble. The full interview with can be read here.