John Oliver Criticizes WWE Crown Jewel On “Last Week Tonight”

John Oliver Crown Jewel
John Oliver Crown Jewel

John Oliver made some critical comments regarding WWE’s involvement with the Saudi Royal Family last night. Oliver hosts “Last Week Tonight” on HBO.

Before launching into his commentary regarding Crown Jewel, however, Oliver opted to make a joke about wrestling being “homoerotic”.

“It seems the WWE is as overtly pro-Saudi Arabia as it is lately homoerotic, which is to say, intensely.”

He was then critical of WWE for continuing with the Crown Jewel event.

“As for the WWE, while they say they are monitoring the situation, their gigantic Crown Jewel event is still scheduled for November, meaning John Cena could well be back there [praising Saudi Arabia again], which I guess in this context means you don’t see these human rights abuses right here,” Oliver then did the Cena “You Can’t See Me” gesture.

Watch John Oliver’s comments about WWE’s Saudi Arabia propaganda: 

Will Crown Jewel Be Cancelled?

It is assumed the company will make a great deal of money from the event. The exact details of their contract with the Saudi Royals are not known, however. While some are pointing to changes made to the WWE schedule on, there is nothing firm which states WWE is planning to cancel or move the event.

As of this writing, WWE plans on having two World Cup Qualifying matches take place on tonight’s Raw.