Johnny Gargano On Cinematic Matches, Wanting To Face Seth Rollins

NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano has shared his thoughts on WrestleMania's cinematic matchups, and why he wants to face Seth Rollins.

Johnny Gargano
Johnny Gargano. Image Credit:

NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano has shared his thoughts on WWE’s recent cinematic matchups during an interview with Mirror. He also brought up his interest in facing Seth Rollins and how he’s been staving off boredom during the coronavirus pandemic.

WrestleMania 36 featured two cinematic matches in the Boneyard Match and Firefly Fun House matchup. Gargano was a fan of both, calling them “awesome.”

The Firefly Fun House match, in particular, resonated with him. He noted how people could call him weird, but “as a deep dive fan the match was genius. There were so many little deep dives and easter eggs throughout that you can go back and think ‘that was awesome’. They were so different and so cool.”

Johnny Gargano Wants Seth Rollins

Gargano revealed how he had heard Seth Rollins’ promo on RAW, claiming that there wouldn’t be an NXT or Johnny Gargano without him. His words were something Gargano has taken issue with. He admitted he was going to “shoot for the moon” with his challenge, but would love to see Rollins return to NXT and for them to feud.

“So if Seth Rollins is free on any Wednesday and wants to come by, feel free Seth, come on by. I heard his promo from Raw where he said that there wouldn’t be an NXT or Johnny Gargano without him. If he feels that way, he can feel free to come by on Wednesday, anytime.”

Combating Boredom

In an effort to maintain his fitness and combat boredom during self-isolation, Gargano revealed that he now owns a Peloton bike and has become “one of those guys now.”

It’s a purchase made in an effort to adapt to the current self-isolation the world continues to experience. He stressed how you have to “make the best of what you got.” He shared how people are generally good at adapting and that “you just gotta make the best of things.”

Alongside the Peloton, he and his wife Candice LeRae, now own a dog. He explained how they’ve both been wanting a dog for a while but weren’t at home enough as they would want to be. The coronavirus has changed that, allowing them time to train the dog and spend time together.

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