Johnny Impact Discusses Possible WWE Return, Facing Eli Drake At Bound For Glory, More

Johnny Impact, who is set to challenge Eli Drake for the Global Title at this Sunday’s Bound For Glory PPV, recently spoke with The Mirror UK to promote the event. Here are the highlights:

Possible WWE return:

“Yeah, it’s kind of tough to answer that question. Because wrestling is wrestling and you can never say never in wrestling. You never know what is going to happen in the next six months. There’s a ton of people in WWE who I haven’t had the chance to wrestle, who I would love to have matches with. But there’s still a ton of people outside of WWE who I haven’t had the chance to wrestle, who I would love to have matches with. I would love to see Lucha Underground continue to grow and become something bigger than what it is – the same for Impact. It feels rewarding to be a part of something from day one like Lucha Underground and see it grow to what it is now. We had a screening party to celebrate the season finale and we were celebrating that at the same time as building up for Bound for Glory. Then at the same time I had a huge title defence against Dr Wagner for AAA. So it’s a really good time and it’s a fun time and I don’t think I’ve ever been in this business where it felt there was a better time to be an independent wrestler than right now.”

Facing Drake at the event:

“Yeah, I’ve known Eli Drake for years because we both live in Los Angeles, but I had never worked with him prior to coming to Impact. I was really impressed. It’s going to sound like a backhanded compliment, but he really exceeded my expectations. He’s really stepped up his game. That’s the exact thing that Impact needs right now. Unfortunately for him, I can take even bigger steps, so when my game gets stepped up, he’s in trouble!

That’s the exact word, underrated. He has levelled up his ring work, that’s really what I was mentioning just then. He’s always been heralded for his mic skills and they are still there, but he’s really stepped up his ring work, which is cool, because that’s what I feel the champion of a promotion needs to do.”