Johnny Impact On Why Fans Should Be Watching Impact Wrestling

Johnny Impact
Johnny Impact

Johnny Impact will face Fenix, Rich Swann, and Taiji Ishimori on Sunday at Slammiversary.

“I can’t think of a better way to return to Impact than with this 4-way match between some of the most talented guys in the world, myself included,” Johnny said on a media call. “I plan on stealing the show for sure.”

“The guys in this match are really on the upper echelon of athletism and charisma,” Johnny continued. “I’m stoked, bro.” 

Johnny Impact On Why Fans Should Be Watching Impact Wrestling

We had a chance to ask Johnny Impact why fans should be watching Impact Wrestling right now.

“The current roster of Impact Wrestling is possibly the best roster in the world,” Johnny said. “You’ve got your traditional American psychology type wrestling but now we’ve got with Ishimori, with Pentagon, with Fenix, with Sami Callihan and Cage and Kevin Kross now, Aries, and of course, Johnny Impact. You’ve got this crazy blend of wrestlers from different styles from all over the world that make the matches on Impact infinitely interesting.”

“You’re seeing this collision of styles every time you’re out there,” Johnny continued.

“Social media, the youtube channel, all the views are spiraling upward because there is a new interest in this product,” Johnny said. “That new interest is just a symptom of the fact that what we are doing is something that wrestling fans like to see.”

Johnny Impact would also compare Impact Wrestling’s current product to right before a wave breaks when you’re surfing.

“When you’re surfing right before a wave breaks, that’s where you want to jump on and surf because you don’t want to miss the boat,” Johnny explained. “That’s what Impact is now.”

Slammiversary takes place July 22nd, 2018 from the Rebel Nightclub Complex in Toronto. It will be available to purchase live on the FITE app.