Jon Moxley Cuts Promo After Wrestling Darby Allin (Video)

Jon Moxley took on Darby Allin Friday night for Northeast Wrestling.

Jon Moxley vs Darby Allin

Jon Moxley made his return to independent wrestling last night. He wrestled and defeated Darby Allin in Waterbury, CT for NorthEast Wrestling. It was Moxley’s first match back on the independent wrestling scene since 2011.

After the match, Moxley cut a promo about independent wrestling and his oppenent, Darby Allin.

“That was one crazy match,” Moxley started. “Because Darby Allin is one crazy bastard. You guys are fortunate enough to be able to be in a high school gym like this tonight seeing wrestling, independent wrestling up close and personal with the most passionate type of wrestlers you’ll find anywhere in the world.”

Jon Moxley on Darby Allin

“I didn’t know who this guy was before this week,” Moxley continued. “But I’m going to tell you right now, you better be damn grateful that you got to be here tonight and witness Darby Allin.”

“For better or worse in this business sometimes, crazy equals money, and Darby Allin is going to be a big star real soon,” Moxley said before raising Allin’s hand.

Darby Allin was featured on this week’s “Road to Fyter Fest” and explained why he paints half his face and the impact a childhood car accident had on him. He’ll face Cody later this month at Fyter Fest.

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