Jon Moxley & Juice Robinson Post-Match Promos From BOSJ 26 Finals

Moxley and Juice react to their match

Moxley Juice
New IWGP US Champion Jon Moxley & Juice Robinsonn

Jon Moxley is the new IWGP United States Champion after defeating Juice Robinson at Wednesday’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Finals event. Moxley struck gold in his New Japan debut and toppled Juice after weeks of taunting. Both men cut promos backstage after the match.

Juice’s Promo

Juice Robinson says “everybody was right” after assuming that Moxley would defeat him. “Thanks for believing in me,” he said snidely. Jon Moxley drew blood by biting his face and left him demoralized.

He was riding high as one of the top stars in New Japan until Moxley came in and took the only thing that means anything to him. Moxley fought his ass off and is a different man than he was 8 years ago when they trained together in Florida Championship Wrestling.

Moxley took over the world in WWE and clearly has a chip on his shoulder now that he’s free. Jon Moxley made an example out of him in their match and killed whatever was left of his former persona, CJ Parker.

Moxley’s Promo

Jon Moxley thanked New Japan for the opportunity to wrestle for them and allowing him the freedom to ply his craft. He also thanked Juice for sharing the ring with him.

He’s known Juice since they were “kids” and there’s a reason he’s been targeting Juice for weeks: because Juice is a star. He knows Juice will come back for that title harder than ever. “So bring it, motherf*cker, I’m gonna be training harder than ever. I’m gonna be ready for you.”

Everybody around the world wants to wrestle for New Japan, but he’s got a message for them. If you’re thinking about coming after his title, you better strike first. Jon Moxley is on the warpath and he’s on the hunt. He speaks the language of violence. He ha a message for anybody looking to challenge him and urges those people to look at Juice Robinson to learn his message.

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