Jon Moxley Wins IWGP United States Title At NJPW BOSJ Finals

Jon Moxley is your new IWGP United States Champion

Jon Moxley wins the IWGP United States Championship

Jon Moxley defeated Juice Robinson for the IWGP United States championship today at the finals of the Best of the Super Juniors 26 tournament. Moxley was wrestling in his first match for the promotion after being revealed as the mystery person behind the “Time’s Up” videos targetting Juice Robinson.

“Death Rider” Jon Moxley delivered two double-arm DDTs to get the victory.

Moxley enters the 6th reign in the championship’s lineage and is the 5th person to win the title. Robinson is the only former champion to have won the title twice.

IWGP United States Championship Statistics

  • Juice Robinson – 2x champion, 3 title defenses, 237 days as champion.
  • Kenny Omega – 1x champion, 4 title defenses, 210 days as champion.
  • Jay White – 1x champion, 3 title defenses, 160 days as champion.
  • Cody – 1x champion, 0 title defenses, 96 days as champion.

NJPW GM Clarifies Jon Moxley Contract Status

Moxley’s deal with New Japan was made independently of his deal with AEW.

“New Japan and Jon Moxley came to terms on an agreement some time ago, completely independently of All Elite,” NJPW GM Michael Craven said in a statement to’s Justin Barrasso. “Our understanding is that he is free to wrestle in Japan. We wish AEW well, but have no working relationship as of now.”


  1. Eh, NJPW giving midcard titles to former WWE stars in an attempt to get headlines, well it worked but no one will tune in for it. He’s not even a transitional champ since it’s a midcard belt that means very little, like Jericho holding the IC belt.

  2. Man, if Jericho wins the big one this Sunday …. Even though New Japan and AEW do not yet have a formal working relationship, this title win bodes well for that

  3. I figure Moxley will drop that title before AEW’s weekly tv starts. I’m not sure NJPW is crazy about partnering with AEW after the Bucks recently threw shade at them.


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