Jonathan Coachman Says He Knows Reason Brock Lesnar Decided To Shove Daniel Cormier At UFC 226

Brock Lesnar UFC

WWE Monday Night RAW color commentator Jonathan Coachman claims to have some inside information on the famous shove that Brock Lesnar gave to Daniel Cormier.

As seen in the main event of the UFC 226 pay-per-view event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cormier was able to score a KO win over Stipe Miocic to win the UFC heavyweight title. Then, things got out of hand. Cormier invited Lesnar inside the Octagon with Lesnar accepting the invitation and shoving Cormier in the process. Lesnar then cut a promo on the heavyweight division and Cormier.

According to Coachman, once Lesnar got into the Octagon, the WWE Universal Champion was upset because Cormier made it so WWE and that it wasn’t talked about between Lesnar and Cormier before the fight. The only thing that Cormier and Miocic knew before the fight was that the winner was supposed to call out Lesnar for a future fight. The shove was real as Lesnar didn’t want it to go down like that.

“He was like, ‘[Lesnar] was so pissed because Cormier made it so WWE.’ Brock was so mad that he did it that way. That shove was real, it wasn’t planned, it wasn’t talked about. Him [Lesnar] coming in [the cage] was, but the shove that everyone says was so WWE — Brock didn’t want it that way. Brock wanted it just on that fine line.’

Typically, after a UFC main event fight, both the winner and loser are interviewed. However, at this event, Miocic was not interviewed about the fight or the chance to reply to Lesnar’s insults after his loss. Coachman made it clear that it was planned out that way that whoever won would call Lesnar into the Octagon.

“It was planned out that way that whoever won would call Brock in. Normally on a normal fight of that magnitude, you interview the winner and then the loser will stay and get interviewed. So I was hoping that Joe Rogan would say, ‘oh Brock you just said that about Stipe.’ It wasn’t planned that way, so Stipe was long gone.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcribed quotes.