Jordan Devlin On NXT UK, His Relationship With Finn Balor

WWE NXT UK Superstar and current Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin remains committed to NXT UK as he reflects on his friendship with Finn Balor.

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The new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Jordan Devlin, has spoken about his commitment to NXT UK, despite the fact he is allegedly primed for a major international push now that he is a reigning champion.

“NXT UK has made stars out of guys like the British Strong Style, Travis Banks and myself,” Devlin said to TV Insider. “For us to be able do independent dates in the UK as well and get people to come and see us. It’s really good for the UK scene. It has breathed life into us. To have the UK Performance Center as well and learn from the best minds in the business… NXT UK has grown so much in the last three years.”

He admitted that, three years ago, he couldn’t imagine the growth they’ve achieved. Devlin then stated how he’d like NXT UK to become a brand that tours all across Europe and not just within the United Kingdom. He highlighted how he’d love WWE to host an NXT UK TakeOver Dublin event before reiterating his interest in taking their show on the road. 

Jordan Devlin And Finn Balor

Devlin also reflected on his long-time friendship with the black-and-gold brand’s Finn Balor. “The Irish Ace” actually trained with Balor years ago when Balor was 21-years-old, and Devlin was only 12. The two faced off against each other at the original NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool event last year. 

“He was the best wrestler in Ireland then and probably now,” Devlin shared.” He was the person I most aspired to be like. He was always the guy I wanted to measure up to and up with. He went from Ireland to Japan to train, as did I. He went to New Japan Pro Wrestling. I went to Zero-One. He went to the States and WWE. I was a couple of years behind him when WWE signed me. We’ve been running the same path for a long time.”

He shared how he’s always aspired to be like Balor, noting how the two share the same work ethic. Being such an inspiration to him, it’s unsurprising that Devlin looks back fondly on their match at TakeOver Blackpool. 

Jordan Devlin has some significant supporters within WWE, and will reportedly defend his championship across all of WWE’s brands. He is currently scheduled to appear on this week’s episodes of NXT as well as 205 Live. 

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