Jordan Devlin Reacts to Finn Balor Match

WWE held the first ever NXT UK Takeover event last night. The WWE Network show featured some of the top Superstars of the brand giving their all to put the new brand on the wrestling map.

One of the biggest moments came when WWE RAW Superstar Finn Balor appeared to take on Jordan Devlin. Devlin had been scheduled to take on Travis Banks at the event, although a pre-taped segment was filmed showing Devlin attacking Banks’ knee. Banks still appeared for the bout but was quickly sidelined after Devlin launched another vicious attack using the ring steps.

The assistant ti the NXT UK General Manager Sid Scala confirmed that there was a replacement on hand…Finn Balor. The Irish Superstar appeared to a huge ovation from the Blackpool crowd and went on to have a great match with the younger Devlin.

Devlin was actually a student of Balor’s back in Ireland, a fact that was brought up on the broadcast. The ‘Irish Ace’ Devlin tweeted following the bout, saying “I’ve been chasing you across this planet for 16 years now. Tonight I finally caught you up, in a ring. Thanks for the scrap. Now you better start running again, I WILL get you next time.

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