Juice Robinson Talks Moving To Japan, Signing With NJPW & More

Juice Robinson will be moving to Japan shortly.

Juice Robinson
Juice Robinson

Juice Robinson is entering his 3rd G1 tournament this summer. Robinson entered G1 Climax 28 with a broken hand last year and only gained 6 points. He’ll be looking to rebound in the tournament this year. He took part in an interview for Wrestling Observer Radio recently and spoke about the G1, moving to Japan, and more.

Juice was asked about his decision to sign with NJPW when other offers were out there and moving to Japan.

“I am moving here on a full-time basis probably in the next couple of months,” Juice said.

“I needed a place of my own and for me to have a place in Chicago or anywhere in America, I have to pay taxes there,” Juice continued. “It’s just going to sit empty and it just didn’t make sense to me. If I wanted to have a place, the only logical place to me was in Tokyo.”

Juice Robinson On Signing With New Japan

Juice was asked why he decided to sign a contract with New Japan.

“Well that was, I was cool with not having a contract for a long time because I knew I was in and I knew they were using me all the time but people started calling me and asking me to work other places,” Juice said.

He continued to say he then asked for a contract so that he knew he’d be taken care of if he got hurt. Robinson then said he told NJPW he had other offers and they signed him to a contract shortly after.

Robinson will take on Shingo Takagi on Night 2 of the G1 Climax 29.