Justin Roberts Talks Signing With AEW, Returning To Wrestling

Justin Roberts talks AEW, ring announcing, and more...

Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts is All Elite. Roberts spent 12 years with WWE (2002 to 2014), until WWE opted not to renew his contract. Roberts has since hosted concerts for Tool, announced for the World Armwrestling League, and announced matches for All In last year as well.

He spoke to entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet about signing with AEW, his expectations for the new promotion, and the most memorable moments from his career thus far.

Roberts revealed it was AEW’s Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes who reached out to him about joining AEW.

“I did ALL IN in September and that was awesome. That was an amazing show, I had a great time and then I got a call and they said ‘Hey are you available to do some other stuff if anything pops up?’ I said ‘Yep’ and then I got a text from Brandi Rhodes and she asked me about doing it and I said absolutely, I would love to,” Roberts said.

AEW is an ambitious undertaking. Their first live event is less than three weeks away and fans are wondering what AEW will look and feel like once it launches. Roberts shared his own expectations for what AEW will be.

“I look at the company from a fan’s perspective,” he continued. “I’m looking at this as my own hopes and assumptions because I don’t know. I don’t ask anything, I’m not told anything, I don’t know what the plans are, I would hope that there are characters that I can get behind as a fan and storylines that I just get wrapped up in and I’m following from week to week. That’s what I’m really looking forward to, sitting at ringside watching every event.”

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Justin Roberts talks to Chris Van Vliet about AEW, Leaving WWE & more:

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