Kane’s Former Boss Thinks He Has Heat With Him

Kane SmackDown 1000
Kane. Photo Credit: WWE.com

Kane’s former Boss and the owner of USWA wrestling promotion Jerry Jarrett recently set down with The Hannibal TV to talk about a number of things and suggested that he may have heat with the Big Red Monster.

Jerry revealed that he saw Kane at the Hall Of Fame but he believes that the former World Champion ignored him. He also recalled sending a tweet to him while Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs was running for office and how he did not receive a reply from the Monster.

Jarrett then talked about how he supported him when Kane’s mother used to call him and be suspicious about his career in pro wrestling and revealed that he was the one who flew Glenn to New York and introduced him to Vince McMahon.

Finally, he implied that he doesn’t know for sure but other stars like Sting and Scott Hall run through the crown to meet him and that’s a big difference from what Kane did.

For those who don’t know, USWA was one of the top promotions Kane worked for before being signed by WWE and he wrestled for the company from 1993 to 1995.

He was a top star for the promotion and also won the USWA World Championship during his time there, before being signed by WWE in 1995.

You can check out Jerry Jerrett’s comments in the video below: