Kane Reveals His Character Was Expected To Be A One Off Thing


Glenn Jacobs tried multiple gimmicks before settling in for the infamous persona of Kane and the character of the Big Red Monster is what made him a legend in the wrestling world.

However, while appearing at the Dinner With The King podcast of Jerry Lawler, the former World Champion revealed that his gimmick was originally expected to be a one-off thing.

According to Kane, initially, the company was only looking for a one-off opponent for the Undertaker and they came up with the idea of presenting Jacobs as his brother.

However, after seeing his debut match, Mr. McMahon thought that he could make a really good story out of it and decided to keep the gimmick around:

“Initially, they were going to hot-shot the whole thing and they needed it to be a one-match deal for [Undertaker] to have an opponent. Vince liked the storyline so much that he didn’t just want to do one match, he thought that he could make it a really good story out of it.”

Apart from this, Kane also talked about why his Isaac Yankem gimmick did not work, working as the fake Diesel and more. You can check out the full episode here.

Quotes via WrestleZone