Karl Anderson Files To Trademark ‘Chad 2 Badd’

Chad 2 Bad Sex Ferguson
Chad 2 Badd & Sex Ferguson, 1980's wrestling legends

Chad 2 Badd and Sex Ferguson may be gearing up to ride once again.

Karl Anderson has filed an application to trademark “Chad 2 Badd,” the name of his character on WWE’s Southpaw Regional Wrestling comedy series.

According to a May 5th filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, he’s looking to utilize the Chad 2 Badd mark for, “Entertainment in the nature of wrestling contests; Entertainment services, namely, live appearances by a professional wrestler and sports entertainment personality,” among several other similar uses.

The application notes that Anderson used the Chad 2 Badd name back in 2002, long before WWE featured it in Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

Last month, Anderson’s tag team partner Doc Gallows filed to trademark the name Sex Ferguson, the tag team partner of Chad 2 Badd in the ‘Southpaw’ universe.

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, collectively known as the Good Brothers, used lawyer Michael Dockins for the trademark filing. Dockins has handled trademarks for several other pro wrestlers, including Cody Rhodes, The Revolt, Shawn Spears, Charlotte Flair & Andrade.

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows were released from WWE on April 15th. Anderson has been teasing a return to Japan, once they are legally able to work elsewhere.