Kazuchika Okada Contributes To Nippon Foundation’s Coronavirus Relief

New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Kazuchika Okada has made a 5 million Yen donation to the Nippon Foundation's special coronavirus relief fund.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Kazuchika Okada has donated 5 million Yen ($47,010) to the Nippon Foundation’s special coronavirus relief fund. NJPW1972.com reports that his contribution will help doctors, nurses and volunteers currently working in the fronts lines as they combat the coronavirus pandemic in Japan.

Kazuchika Okada has previously founded the Rainmaker Foundation. This foundation and its efforts are dedicated to supporting those afflicted by childhood cancer.

In an official statement, the CHAOS leader expressed his gratitude to New Japan’s fanbase and their support. He noted how he hopes to soon be able to hear the cheers of sold-out crowds again.

He added how “It’s usually me receiving the support and power of the people, but now I feel it’s my turn to lend support to medical staff fighting this disease.”

The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion then urged fans to stay and home and stay healthy. Kazuchika Okada then explained that this will help NJPW get back to putting on shows sooner rather than later.

NJPW Cancellations

New Japan Pro-Wrestling has been forced to cancel a number of events due to the coronavirus pandemic. Several planned tours have been affected by the outbreak.

The amount of rescheduling and cancellations led NJPW President Harold Meij to pen an open letter to their fanbase addressing their decisions.

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