Priscilla Kelly Isn’t Worried About Losing Future WWE Work With Tampon Spot

Priscilla Kelly Tampon

Priscilla Kelly has made quite the name for herself recently. Kelly went viral on social media for her spot during her match for Suburban Fight Pro Wrestling. The event, held just near Los Angeles, featured a match between Kellly and her opponent, Tuna. During the match, Kelly pulled out a bloody tampon from her trunks. She proceeded to shove it into her opponent’s mouth.

The clip went viral online, and of course, garnered quite a bit of criticism as well. The likes of WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross, Gail Kim, Jim Cornette, and Road Dogg blasted the spot. However, some stars like Taz, Tommy Dreamer, and Colt Cabana defended it. Recently, Kelly did an interview with The Shining Wizards podcast to talk about the spot. Kelly once worked for WWE in the 2018 Mae Young Classic. She was eliminated by Deonna Purrazzo in the first round.

Future WWE Work

When asked if she was worried about the spot possibly costing her future work with WWE in the future, Kelly admitted she doesn’t believe it will be a problem:

“Honestly, no. I don’t think it blew any chance,” Kelly said. “I mean, if it did, there’s plenty of other opportunity in the world of professional wrestling for me. There’s plenty of other ways to make money in this business.

“Would I like to go to WWE? Yeah, I’d love to go to WWE. I’d like to go anywhere. I like making money, I like expanding my horizons, I like showing off my work on very large platforms. But at the same time, no, I don’t think it really could have harmed me because I think there’s a lot worse things that have happened.

“Not only on TV, but I think there are a lot worse things that have happened privately in wrestlers’ lives. These things are very public, and I think what I did, it’s simply a stunt at the end of the day. There’s no cruelty behind my actions, and I think that is the most important aspect.”

What do you think about Kelly saying she’s not worried about losing future WWE work after her tampon spot?

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions