Ken Shamrock On A Possible Hall Of Fame Induction

Ken Shamrock believes he is worthy of HoF but he is ready to wait for his turn

Ken Shamrock
Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock achieved some of the highest accolades of the MMA World during his career and he went on to become one of the first inductees of UFC Hall Of Fame.

While his wrestling career was not as long as his MMA stint, Shamrock still achieved a lot during the time. Due to his achievements in the wrestling world and WWE, a lot of people deem him to be worthy of a Hall Of Fame induction and it appears that Shamrock himself believes the same.

Ken Shamrock was recently a guest on Ryback’s Conversation With The Big Guy podcast where among other things he also talked about a possible WWE Hall Of Fame induction. The former UFC Star said that he obviously wants to go in and he feels like he deserves to go in. However continuing on the topic, he said that he is okay with waiting for his turn.

Explaining his comments he mentioned how it took ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage 30 years to get in and said that he is okay with waiting because he knows there are a lot of other guys who have put a lot more time than him and didn’t get in for a very long time.

Ken Shamrock was in WWE only for about two and a half years but he did make an impact in the company. During his time, he won the Intercontinental Championship and Tag Team Championship once and he also came out victorious in the 1998 version of the King Of The Ring tournament.

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