Ken Shamrock On What Changes WWE Needs To Make

Ken Shamrock has listed the changes he believes WWE needs to make.

Former WWF Superstar Ken Shamrock recently returned to the squared circle, competing for Impact Wrestling. In an interview with the, Shamrock addressed his old employer, listing the changes he believes the promotion needs to make.

“I think companies like Impact are creating an opportunity for people to work, be on TV and at the same time they have freedom to work other places if they want,” Shamrock shared. “I think all the other companies, except for WWF [WWE], is doing the same thing. I think if that doesn’t change, WWF [WWE] will be in the past because people, at least in my opinion, the future isn’t about wrestlers being locked into one company. They want to be able to have creative freedom to have an opportunity to wrestle overseas or wrestle other places without somebody telling them they can’t.”

During his time in WWE, “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” won the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Shamrock also claimed the WWF Tag Team Championships with his partner, Big Boss Man. He also won the 1998 King of the Ring Tournament.

“It Just Seems Like It’s Being Done On Purpose”

Turning his attention to his impact on the Attitude Era, Shamrock spoke about how he’s left out of the conversation whenever WWE bring Attitude Era Superstars back.

“When they have a reunion, I’m not there. When they talk about the ankle lock, they put Kurt Angle in there as the great submission holds and the ankle lock at No. 2 and Kurt Angle [is] doing it.”

He continued, “So it just seems like it’s being done on purpose for whatever reason and maybe that’s why I never got shot at the title because there is a problem somewhere I don’t know about.”

Shamrock noted that he feels “blessed” to be back with Impact Wrestling and competing at a high level. He added how he feels great, crediting his current run to allowing himself a year to fully recover and heal.