Kenny Omega Comments On A Possible WWE Run

Kenny Omega
Kenny Omega (Photo: James Musselwhite)

Kenny Omega took some time to do an interview with Justin Barrasso of One question that was asked on whether Omega had any intentions on wrestling for WWE.

Thoughts On A Possible WWE Run

“I realize that there are people that are employed by that promotion that I could have a good match with. There are people within that promotion where, if we had that said match, could generate multiple communities celebrating the performance. That’s what happened when the Bucks and I did the gaming battle with the New Day. If I wrestled one of their top guys, people would watch that match in the anticipation of something great happening.

But right now, it’s all, ‘What if?’ fantasy scenarios. It’s going to stay that way until it happens, if it ever even happens, because you never know what type of limitations are going to be placed on those matches. If Kenny Omega is allowed to be Kenny Omega, then those matches would be really special. Would I be allowed to be myself, the real Kenny Omega, within that realm? In a way, it’s almost more exciting to think about what it could be rather than see what it would be.”

WWE Developmental

Back in 2005 Omega was signed to WWE under a developmental deal at Deep South Wrestling. It wouldn’t be until August 2006 that Omega requested his release from developmental in order to pursue other wrestling avenues.

In recent years, Omega has told in various interviews that WWE has approached him several times to sign with the company. Once in 2014 and three times in 2015, all in which he turned down.