Kenny Omega On Which Video Games Inspire Him, Top Game Of 2018

Kenny Omega
Kenny Omega (Photo by NJPW/Getty Images)

Kenny Omega who was nominated for the Favorite Celebrity Gamer (Athlete) category for the 2018 Gamers’ Choice Award recently spoke with where he discussed video-gaming and revealed which games have given him inspiration.

Speaking about video game heroes, Kenny named characters from Smash Bros.! like Kirby, Ness, Luigi, Mega Man, Zack Fair, and (maybe) Sans.

Kenny Omega revealed that Street Fighter has been a very big inspiration for him. But it’s not just limited to fighting games, as he takes inspiration from different types of games like the action horror Resident Evil.

“For wrestling, I had some obvious Street Fighter ties. Most of them might be from Street Fighter, actually. Hmm, but there are actually a few moves based off of Mother as well. I take inspiration from all sorts of games though –Resident Evil for example. Even though it’s a horror game, I’ve found inspiration in Albert Wesker’s character. Persona and Chrono Trigger too. I tend to try to draw inspiration from games that are timeless, so that way when I apply it to matches they may (hopefully/luckily) end up that way too.”

The IWGP Heavyweight Champion named Undertale and Monster Hunter World as his favorite games. While on the topic, he also shared his thoughts on the stigma attached with gaming and what advice he has for people who look up to him.

“Once you focus on your dreams, really home in on your goal, the negativity around you just becomes faint background noise. The journey may be lonely at first, but you’ll meet new friends with the same motivations and the world of ridicule and doubt that you came from won’t even exist anymore.”