Kenny Omega Reveals Physical Toll Of New Japan’s In-Ring Style

Kenny Omega
Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is in the midst of an in-ring sabbatical following his New Japan Pro Wrestling contract expiring in January. The “Best Bout Machine” signed with All Elite Wrestling in February and battles Chris Jericho at Double or Nothing on May 25th.

On the latest The Jim Ross Report podcast, Omega told JR that he took several months off from wrestling to recuperate after years of working a grueling in-ring style in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

“The work never ends, and of course we’re really trying to get [All Elite Wrestling] off the ground. But at least the [break from] physical toll that traveling on the road took on our bodies, and just the New Japan style in general had on my body,” says Omega.

Kenny’s Injuries

“I was really starting to feel it towards the tail end of last year,” Omega says. “The G1 was really rough on me. I had to power through a cracked heel. And then I ran into an issue with torn cartilage in my rib.”

Omega says that his list of injuries did not stop there.

“I was on an operating table for an hour and a half having my lip reconstructed because of a misplaced clothesline,” Omega says. “It was one thing after another.”

Time Off

Kenny says that his time off has allowed him to heal up, and that he is beginning to see the benefits of the break in the gym.

“It was great to take that little bit of time off after Wrestle Kingdom,” says Omega. “Now, I’m finally, at the gym, starting to lift heavy.”

“I’m starting to be able to pack on some more size, the way I want to, just given the fact that I can train properly.”

“This is the time for me, to kind of go back into maintenance mode, and it’s really doing me wonders,” Omega says.

“I really hope that I can bring a brand new package to Las Vegas. And not only be in great-feeling shape, but great-looking shape as well.”

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