Kenny Omega To Tama Tonga: Prove Your Version Of Bullet Club Is Better

This Saturday, Kenny Omega will face Tama Tonga in the G1 Climax 28 tournament. The match is arguably the biggest to take place in the Elite versus Bullet Club OGs angle so far.

Earlier today in Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall, Omega defeated Hirooki Goto in the main event. Omega moves to 2-0 (4pts) in the tournament. He defeated Tetsuya Naito to open the tournament.

Tama Tonga is 1-1 (2pts) to start the tournament. He defeated Juice Robinson in his first match but dropped his second earlier today against Sanada. The LosInGobernables member got the better of Tonga with a pinning combination.

“I got Tama Tonga next,” Omega said in reference to his opponent on Saturday. “Tama Tonga, you think your idea of the Bullet Club is better than mine. F****ng prove it. It’s your chance. See you next time at Korakuen Hall.”

Kenny Omega Backstage Comments From G1 Climax 28 Night 4

“Goto, you fight with that Japanese spirit,” Omega said backstage following his victory. “That’s the same spirit I fell in love with, heck, 18 years ago, probably.”

Omega would then refer to himself as the most sought-after athlete on the planet.

“I’m right up there with other athletes such as Tiger Woods, and Larry Bird, and Michael Jackson,” Omega said before realizing it. “You know what I mean.”

As Omega is the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, any wrestler who defeats him in the G1 is then in a position to challenge for his title. Should Tama Tonga defeat Kenny Omega, he would likely earn a title shot. Such a match could be scheduled for NJPW’s return to the United States on September 30th, 2018 in Long Beach.