Kentucky Town Renamed To Honor King Corbin

For one day the town of Corbin, Kentucky was renamed King Corbin, Kentucky.

King Corbin
King Corbin

The town of Corbin, Kentucky was officially renamed King Corbin, Kentucky for one day this weekend. The mayor of the town made the name change official after being presented with a WWE petition this weekend. WWE was in town for a house show on Sunday.

The official proclamation is below:

WWE held a live event in the city yesterday at the Corbin Arena.

WWE participated in a grassroots campaign to have the town renamed for the day.

WWE is advertising that more news will be available on a new episode of the Bump at 10 AM on Wednesday morning.

King Corbin On Undertaker’s Influence On His Career & Vince McMahon’s Support

Corbin recently spoke to Chiefs Wire about the influence the Undertaker has had on his career.

“He’s a guy I grab onto every time he’s around, and he seems very willing to help,” Corbin said. “He’s really played a significant role helping me find success and fame.” 

Corbin also spoke about why he feels Vince McMahon is a fan of his during an interview with Cheap Heat.

“I think Vince McMahon has been a fan of mine because I’m a big dude, a little bit old school, and have legitimate toughness. He sees motivation in certain guys and certain guys want to have it and some don’t.”