Kevin Nash Offers Take On Saudi Arabia Controversy

The controversy surrounding WWE’s upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The company is under a lot of criticism for opting to go through with their Crown Jewel event next month after a Saudi journalist was captured and murdered. Several notable names such as JBL, Randy Orton, and now WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash have come to WWE’s defense on the matter.

Several United States Senators have urged WWE not to go through with the show. Reports have also surfaced indicating WWE talent and crew are uncomfortable making the trip. However, it seems the company will follow through with its plans. Nash took to Twitter recently to offer his thoughts on the matter:

“9-11 was conducted by 15 of the 19 attackers who were Saudi’s, our response was to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Now a hit squad is responsible for the death of a Saudi Journalist. Should we hit Yemen and Iran. We’ll never know the truth. Let’s push Saudi Arabia to progress.”

Nash then discussed the differences in culture and government between the United States and Saudi Arabia:

“Because democracy isn’t the answer in every country. Who the f*ck made our system the only system that functions in the world. The Muslim world see’s thing very differently. I perfer to live in a democracy. Yet I was born into it. I don’t feel I have the right to dictate others”

Finally, Nash explained why he supports WWE’s decision to carry on with Crown Jewel despite criticism:

“This isn’t about wrestling. This is a Muslim country with specific laws Much older than ours. The days of inforcing democracy are over.”

“Honor it’s contract. It’s entertainment not a UN summit”

What do you think about Nash’s comments regarding Saudi Arabia?