Kevin Nash Says No One Cares About Younger WWE Talents

There are a lot of people who believe that WWE has failed to build younger stars in the last decade and that’s why they have to rely on older wrestlers to sell tickets, and it appears that Kevin Nash thinks the same.

Nash recently had an interview with Sporting News where he talked about the Young stars not getting over, the upcoming Super Show Down event and more.

When asked about the criticism WWE is receiving over the fact that Undertaker is facing Triple H at the show instead of a younger talent, Kevin said that no one cares about the young prospects:

“No one cares about the young guys. When I watched Summerslam that (Undertaker and Tripe H) package caught my eye and made me want to see that match. I don’t know if I want to see Roman Reigns versus Undertaker again. What more of a rub can you give than that? He’s [been] given rubs before, and they just aren’t getting over.”

Later in the interview, Kevin Nash was asked who should we blame for the fact that fans don’t care about the younger talents and he said that he just thinks there won’t be guys like the Undertaker anymore.

Nash explained his comments by saying that this is because the current wrestling style will not allow wrestlers to have longer careers and went on to point how Seth Rollins has already had a couple of knee surgeries.

What do you think about WWE relying on older and part-time talents to promote their shows instead of the newer stars? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.