Kevin Owens Comments On Promo From Smackdown, Stunner On Shane McMahon

Kevin Owens took to social media to talk about giving Shane McMahon a stunner on Smackdown.

Kevin Owens Smackdown

Last night on Smackdown, Kevin Owens cut a promo on Shane McMahon saying he takes TV time away from other WWE Superstars. McMahon had his mic cut off during the promo but Owens was able to get revenge later in the night by giving the boss’ son a stunner.

“Last night was the most liberating experience of my career and now I just landed in L.A. and I’m on my way back to my wife and kids to enjoy my days off here with them,” Owens Tweeted. “I’m having a wonderful day.”

A fan then notified Owens that his t-shirts had all sold out at the venue. In his response, Owens noted that he has been coasting for the last year but that will change.

Kevin Owens on Smackdown

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin also commented on Owens using the Stunner on Shane McMahon last night.

Kevin Owens on his Universal Championship Run

Owens recently said that he felt disappointed by his run as Universal Champion.

“My wife would tell me, ‘You are the Universal Champion, and I’ve never seen you more stressed.’ I look back and think, ‘I would have done things different as Universal Champion if it were up to me.’ But ultimately, I was still the Universal Champion. But I honestly don’t remember enjoying it, which sucks.”

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