Kevin Owens Discusses Shane McMahon Feud, His Version Of The Stunner

Kevin Owens has opened up about his long-running feud with Shane McMahon, as well as how he views his version of the Stunner.

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Kevin Owens has shared his thoughts on his feud with Shane McMahon in a recent interview with Sporting News. He also addressed his usage of the Stunner, and how he views his version of it versus “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s.

When it comes to Shane McMahon, Owens believes that, despite the current length of their feud, the two still have avenues to explore together. 

“I kind of expected it to keep going just because Shane, he’s obviously not going anywhere because of who he is,” Owens said. “I’m not surprised that we’re going to keep going. I feel like there’s still avenues to go. There’s still stuff we can do together, so we’ll see what happens.”

He explained that playing a good guy in their feud has helped add a different element to their rivalry. The key thing Owens has relished is the change this new dynamic has given him.

“It feels good just because it’s different. I was doing the same thing for a long time and it was great, but change is always good, I think. And trying to keep things different and interesting in wrestling is pretty important. I’m just glad to be doing something that feels different and is more stimulating for me and I think the fans, the audience, is reacting very well to it so we’re doing something right and hopefully it keeps going that way.”


Insofar as how Owens views his version of the move synonymous with “The Rattlesnake,” Owens admitted that he doesn’t know how to describe it.

“Obviously, it’s big shoes to fill, right? Not that I’m trying to be in Steve’s shoes, but when you’re doing a move that’s been so iconic for so long, it’s hitting right and it’s working well,” he said. “The crowd reaction is always really cool to it. It’s nice to almost be able to bring it back just because I remember how it used to make me feel when he’d hit it and how exciting it was visually and all that stuff. I’m just trying to do right by it, I guess.”

Owens recently defeated Shane McMahon during their matchup at WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.