Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Kevin Owens Implores People To Wear A Mask

Kevin Owens posted a video asking people to please wear a mask.

Kevin Owens recently released a video through his social media. In the video, Owens details his wife losing her grandfather to COVID-19 and implores people to please wear a mask.

“A little over a month ago, my wife lost her grandfather to COVID-19,” Owens begins the video. “It was awful to see it happen. He was a sweet, kind, man and while he was elderly, he was still taken too soon from us because if it wasn’t for this virus, he’d still be here.”

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“Seeing her go through that, seeing her family go through it, it was just so terrible. We had to watch his funeral on Zoom. We had to see the effect it had on her mother, my mother-in-law, who wasn’t even able to give her Dad a proper goodbye. It was just really awful and that story is one amongst thousands like it.”

Kevin Owns Says Please Wear A Mask

“Please, if you are going to go out in public, wear a mask, keep social distancing, it’s not over and it could make a huge difference.”

“If you’re going to choose not to do those things please have the decency not to admonish, belittle, or talk down to people who take those steps. I’ve seen a lot of that lately and it’s kind of sickening.”

“At worst, wearing a mask and social distancing does nothing. At best, it helps save lives.”

Owens continued to talk about those who belittle others for wearing a mask.

“At worst, making fun of people wearing a mask and not wearing a mask yourself, telling people to not wear a mask, can help spread this disease and make things worse. At best, if you are doing that, belittling people and calling them ignorant for wearing masks, at best you are making fun of people who are trying to do what they think is best for their community. So, let’s try to remember that.”

The full video can be viewed in the Tweet below:

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