Kevin Owens On Wild Card Rule: ‘I Wish Things Were Kept More Separate’

It appears Kevin Owens is not a fan of the new Wild Card Rule

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens

Vince McMahon introduced a new Wild Card Rule on this week’s episode of Raw and it makes things interesting by allowing several top WWE Stars to appear on both the brands as needed.

However, this is also another blow to the brand extension and the promise to keep both the shows separate and it appears that the former Universal Champion Kevin Owens is also not a fan of it.

Kevin recently had an interview with and when asked about the new rule, the former NXT Champion said that he wishes things were kept more separate:

“I kind of wish we kept things more separate, personally, but now I have the opportunity to go to Raw if I’m asked to or want to, and I love Raw, so why not? It’s an interesting opportunity to get a bit more exposure to get on any given week.

There is a cool surprise element. At the same time, I do enjoy Raw and SmackDown having two separate, distinctive rosters. I can go either way on it. I’ll see how it works out over the next few weeks here.”

As we noted before, while WWE tried to explain the Wild Card Rule later on, it appears that the company is still figuring out the limitations for the same.

However, reports suggest that it was a compromise between WWE and their broadcast partners and the company actually wanted to keep the rosters and storylines separate.

So we’d have to wait for the Officials to figure out the regulations for the rule and see how much the inception of it affects the top storylines of both the shows.