Kevin Owens Pleads With Shania Twain On Twitter

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens (Photo: WWE)

“I got verified again so that I can beg Shania Twain to play my favorite song “When” at her concert this summer in Montreal because I’ll be there. I’m serious.” – Kevin Owens Twitter bio.

According to Kevin Owens, tonight is the night he finally sees Shania Twain in concert. The former Universal Champion will see if the return to Twitter was worth it.

“Hello, @ShaniaTwain! I’m Kevin. I’m a @WWE wrestler and fellow Canadian. I had quite a rough couple of days. I was thrown off a very tall ladder by an awful man. I’m really hurting… What would make me feel better is hearing you sing “When” at your concert in Montreal tonight.”

Shania Twain’s official concert at Montreal’s Bell Center takes place June 26th, 2018. It’s possible Owens is referring to a small, unannounced warm-up show taking place before her “Now” Tour begins, however.

“By the way, I’m sorry that my tweet will now probably get you bombarded all day by @WWE fans asking you to play “When” tonight but my awesome wife surprised me with tickets for your concert and I really want to hear it live. It’s my favourite.

Kevin Owens Really Likes Shania Twain

Shania Twain is a singer-songwriter from Timmons, ON, Canada. She is perhaps best known for her hit singles “Any Man of Mine”, “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and “Man, I Feel Like A Woman”.

Owens is evidently a big fan of the song “When”. The song’s official video can be viewed in the player below:

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