Kevin Owens Reveals What Vince McMahon Was Saying Before The Headbutt

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This past September Kevin Owens and Vince McMahon put on one of the best segments of 2017 when “KO” attacked “The Chairman Of The Board” on SmackDown Live. Just after McMahon granted Owens a Hell In A Cell match with his son, Shane, Owens headbutted Vince as they shook hands. He also hit him with a superkick before finishing things off with a frog splash.

McMahon was busted open on his forehead and it added to how personal the rivalry between Shane and Owens had been getting over the weeks. Recently, “KO” and Sami Zayn joined Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk Is Jericho, to talk about their run together on SmackDown Live. Owens was asked about his segment with McMahon and busting him open with the headbutt.

Owens revealed that McMahon was actually talking a ton of trash during their handshake as they lowered their microphones, as he colorfully told Owens not to hold anything back on him:

“And then he starts talking so much s**t. If you can read his lips, I was legitimately taken aback by it. So many swear words. People always ask me later, what was he saying when the mics were down? Was he telling you to make sure to get him good?….In a way, but not in those words…”

Here’s the moment Owens headbutted McMahon:

You can listen to Owens and Zayn on Talk Is Jericho by clicking this link here.