Kevin Owens Turns On New Day, Attacks Kofi Kingston

Kevin Owens turned on Kofi Kingston last night on Smackdown.

Kevin Owens New Day

Last night on Smackdown, Kevin Owens (aka “Big O”) turned on Kofi Kingston in the closing moments of the show. Kingston had just won a non-title match against Shinsuke Nakamura via DQ when the attack occurred.

Nakamura had taken out Xavier Woods on the outside, leaving Kofi on his own in the ring with KO. Owens then delivered a super-kick to Kofi. Woods would eventually prevent Owens from power-bombing Kingston on the ring apron but then ended up taking the move himself.

Kevin Owens Attacks Kofi Kingston on Smackdown

Owens has yet to comment on his actions from last night. He did, however, post the following to his Twitter page shortly after Smackdown ended:

Xavier Woods Comments On Kevin Owens Turning On New Day

Xavier Woods ended up taking a power bomb to the ring apron last night. He does not seem to be in good spirits today. Woods posted the following to Twitter earlier today, expressing his belief that Tyler Breeze should have been chosen as the new honorary member of New Day:

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has yet to comment on the incident. Just hours before Smackdown, Kingston was preoccupied with helping to promote the new season of Cobra Kai.