Kiera Hogan Says Ember Moon Stole Her Gimmick

Impact Knockout, Kiera Hogan, is claiming former NXT Women’s Champion, Ember Moon, stole her gimmick. She claims the current Raw Superstar did so after both were at a WWE tryout together in 2015.

Hogan spoke with Fightful recently regarding her claims. She believes that after she pitched the character at the tryout, it was given to another performer. Then she says, Ember Moon would later adopt a similar character as well.

“I think the ‘Girl on Fire’ thing WWE probably gave to (Becky Lynch), but I bet Ember (pitched hers),” Hogan explained. “She was at my tryout. I saw her sign her contract, she cried when she signed her contract. After the tryout, she texts me and said ‘I wanna help you get booked on shows,’ after that I’ve never spoken to her and that was almost four years ago. I know she got the inspiration from me. It doesn’t help that we’re two black females, so I’ll automatically get compared to her.”

Kiera Hogan in Impact Wrestling

Hogan mentioned nothing came of her tryout with WWE but she’s happy with Impact Wrestling. “Impact knocked on my door first, and I’m happy to be there,” said Hogan.

Hogan recently teamed with Allie and defeated Knockouts Champion, Su Yung, and one of her undead bridesmaids.