Killer Kross Reveals Why He Attacked Johnny Impact, Personal History Between The Two

Johnny Impact Killer Kross
Johnny Impact Killer Kross

Killer Kross will challenge Johnny Impact for the Impact World Championship tomorrow night at “Final Hour”. The two were both guests on this week’s Impact Press Pass to build up their match on tomorrow night’s branded episode. During the call, I had the chance to ask Kross what led to his attack on Johnny in the back a few weeks ago.

“To be completely frank with you, John zigged when he should have zagged. I was honestly going to get a cup of coffee, I happened to see him there,” Kross said of the altercation. “(He’d had an) excellent match with Fenix, in my opinion, probably the match of the year, I decided to wrap a cable cord around his head, that’s really all there is to it.”

Kross then revealed some storyline information which wasn’t previously known regarding the personal history between the two.

“He had it coming, he’s had it coming for a long time,” Kross continued. “In terms of our history, John and his wife now Taya, were in Mexico crushing the competition, taking over the industry, typically he always does wherever he goes. This guy had nuclear heat.”

Kross continued to say that Johnny and Taya called him to watch their back in Mexico and he obliged. He would then show something almost resembling emotion when he admitted he thought the two were friends.

“I thought there was something a little bit more other than just professionalism there,” Kross said. “Maybe, I thought, maybe I thought John and I were friends.”

Johnny Impact (c) vs Killer Kross – “Final Hour” November 8th

Kross would also say that he knows a side of Johnny nobody else does. He implied it was a more vicious side and that he wants to bring that Johnny to the surface.

As for Johnny’s side of the story, he feels if Kross wanted a title shot, he could have just asked for one. Johnny didn’t dispute Kross’ side of their alliance in Mexico either.

“My version isn’t even that different,” Johnny said. “The things Kross just said about Mexico are true. We trained down there, I didn’t have anybody to turn to. I was down there with my wife Taya. Kevin (Kross), Taya, and I all had each other’s backs. I did think we were friends and the one thing that confuses me is Killer Kross has been undefeated since he’s come to Impact, never been pinned. Two weeks ago, I make this statement about how I’m going to be a fighting champion. I’m going to give title shots to anyone I think deserves them. Somebody who is undefeated and unbeaten deserves a title shot. If you wanted a title shot, bro, you could have just asked me.”

Johnny then said that Kross likes theatrics and wants to “send messages” and “make statements”.

“Those messages and those statements were obviously more important than whatever type of friendship or relationship we had,” Johnny said.

You can listen to the conversation in the player below: