Killian Dain Explains Whose Idea His Wardrobe Change Was

Killian Dain wore a singlet during his match with New Day on Tuesday night. Some people aren’t letting this fact go either.

Smackdown creative head, Road Dogg, has had to deal with complaints about it on Twitter recently. Fortunately for him, Killian Dain came to his rescue.

Killian Dain Sanity

While his choice in ring gear is questioned by some, there is little question Dain has potential. The 33-year-old was originally trained by Robbie Brookside via NWA Scotland but honed his skills in the WWE Performance Center when he was sent there in 2016. Oddly enough, Brookside is now a coach at the WWE Performance Center.

“I don’t think there is enough hyperbole to explain how good a coach he is,” Dain said of Brookside. “I can’t think of a better coach I’d met in any sport”

Real name Damian Mackie, he began competing with ICW in 2013. He wrestled Drew Galloway for the EVOLVE title in 2014 as well. Dain would wrestle a couple of matches in 2015-2016 for Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling and with TNA. He was signed by WWE that summer and began competing on the NXT house show circuit under the name Damo. In December of 2016, Dain was put alongside Eric Young and Sawyer Fulton as Sanity.