Killian Dain Unhappy With His Booking


SAnitY’s Killian Dain, continues to express his frustration with his booking since making his transition to the main roster from NXT.

Earlier Dain had publicly asked on Twitter why the stable was not being used on TV. He simply wrote, “Where Is SAnitY?!?”

Stablemate Alexander Wolfe retweeted the post and added, “Sick of this.”

Now, Dain took it a step further by clearly asking if is something that he said that didn’t sit well with the WWE. He asked why he wasn’t booked when the rest of the stable where in SmackDown and his wife Nikki Cross was at Raw.

“Last night my tag partners where with Smackdown in Vancouver and my wife with Raw in Regina. Whereas I’m….at home.

Was it something I said? ?#WHEREISSANITY”

The group had moved to the main roster on SmackDown Live in July last year and they have been barely used since. The stable was doing quite well in NXT and it was expected that we would get to see more of them on the main roster, but it seemed like WWE had basically nothing for them.

Dain’s frustration is understandable as the group has a lot of potential and can be quite entertaining on WWE TV if used correctly. We will have to wait and see if the company responds to Dain’s concerns in a positive way.