Kofi Kingston Recalls Past Frustrations In WWE

New Day member Kofi Kingston has recalled his past frustrations in WWE when he was booked as a "happy-go-lucky" guy who always lost.

Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston

New Day member Kofi Kingston has recalled the past frustrations he had when he found himself booked as the happy-go-lucky-guy who always lost. During this time, Kingston confessed he wasn’t enjoying wrestling anymore and that he was naturally losing his motivation when it came to performing.

“I was accomplishing my dream, doing everything that I always wanted to do, I thought I was having fun and then it got to the point where I would be the happy-go-lucky guy that would come out, have a good match and end up losing,” Kingston said on the premiere episode of The New Day’s podcast, Feel the Power.

He continued, “You know, do some high-flying unique moves, lose the match and that was my character and persona so I was getting like real bored. Just really not fulfilled coming into work, just I knew what was going to happen, I didn’t really know who I was going to face but I knew what the match was going to be and then I was approached by Woods and E one day and they asked me to join this group. They asked me if I was interested in joining a group of guys who were like disgruntled with their positions with the company. I was like, ‘100%.’”

Kingston explained how he was all in on the idea for two reasons. He believed this stable could help change the course of his career, and he wanted to be able to use his veteran status to help both Xavier Woods and Big E make a name for themselves within WWE. 

H/T to Wrestlezone for the transcription.