Friday, November 27, 2020

Kofi Kingston Reveals Big Show’s Chops Caused His Sunken Chest

New Day member Kofi Kingston has shared a story revealing how The Big Show is responsible for his sunken chest following a hard chop.

New Day member Kofi Kingston has claimed The Big Show is responsible for forever changing his chest. The former WWE Champion made his claims on a recent episode of the stables podcast, The New Day: Feel The Power. Big Show was a guest on the show.

When their conversation turned to Big Show’s famous chops, Kingston mentioned how Big Show delivered hard chops to Superstars based on their attitude. He added how he wished Big Show had let him know about that back in 2009. Kingston joked how he used to have a full chest before competing against Big Show.

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“I wished that you would have told me that back in 2009 because I came out, I debuted in 2008, and you’ll remember, I had a nice, full chest. My chest was popping. Do you know what I mean?” Kingston said. “I go to do a pushup and my chest hits the ground. Do you know what I mean? I had a real, life chest. And then, [Show] and I ended up having a match, and I got chopped so hard in the chest, and my chest has never been the same since.”

Kofi Kingston’s Receipt

The Big Show opened up about how the hard chops were a receipt to Kofi Kingston. He explained how Kingston had delivered a stiff shot to him with a spinning back kick. That kick connected hard with his chin. Big Show added how he’s only been kicked hard on the chin by two people: Kofi Kingston and RVD.

According to Big Show, Kofi Kingston came into their match wanting to show off his “fighting spirit, which was making me crazy.”

He explained how he was in the corner when Kingston nailed a hard kick. Big Show noted how appreciated the effort as he likes it when sequences are “snug.” He then explained how there’s something in the business called a receipt.

Big Show shared how Kingston delivered that kick, so he was happy to deliver the receipt with the chop that supposedly forever changed Kingston’s chest.

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