Saturday, November 28, 2020

Kofi Kingston Reveals The “Worst Pain” He’s Ever Felt In a Match

"To everybody out there who's like, 'well all those chairs, they're not real chairs, you know.' OH THEY REAL." - Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston spoke about the most painful moment of his in-ring career on the latest installment of WWE’s The New Day: Feel The Power podcast.

This week’s episode focused on ‘KofiMania,’ Kingston’s underdog story that culminated with him winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35.

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Back in February 2019, Kofi was included in a Gauntlet Match prior to the Elimination Chamber PPV event. The match was to determine who would enter the Chamber bout last, thus gaining a huge advantage in the match. Interestingly, Kofi Kingston was not originally pegged to be in the contest. WWE Superstar Ali had that spot but he was unfortunately injured and could not compete, thus allowing the New Day member to take his place in the match. In what was seen as a standout moment in Kofi’s career, he would go on to eliminate The New Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe before being eliminated by AJ Styles.

Kofi Kingston’s Most Painful WWE Moment

It was during the opening section of the match that Kofi suffered the “worst pain” he has ever felt inside a WWE ring.

“Actually this is the worst pain that I’ve ever felt in a wrestling match. Rowan (Daniel Bryan’s henchman at the time) hit me so hard in the back with a steel chair” Kofi Kingston began. “To everybody out there who’s like ‘well all those chairs, they’re not real chairs, you know.’ OH THEY REAL.”

“It’s probably not the best idea”

Kofi then discussed how the pain was so intense that he could’ve cried. Kingston also talked about how this could’ve been a way to build ever emotion into the match, but he chose against it.

“Rowan hit me so hard, and immediately like my eyes are welling up with tears” Kofi Kingston revealed. “I’m just like, oh, and I’m like, I’m almost about to cry. And I’m like, you know what, it’s probably okay if I shed tears because that really really really hurt. They’ll [the fans] understand that hurt so badly. And I’m just sitting there, I’m like, maybe not. It’s probably not the best idea. Maybe, I’ll hold these ones in. If I let myself go I would have been boo-hooing in front of the world.”

You can actually view the chair shot in question in the video embedded below:


Since Kofi’s short run in the main event title picture he has been back in the SmackDown tag team scene with New Day partner Big E. The third member of the group Xavier Woods is currently rehabbing an Achilles Tendon injury. Woods is expected to be out of action for quite some time. It is unlikely that Kofi will be back in the WWE Championship picture anytime soon following his loss last year to Brock Lesnar on SmackDown’s FOX debut.

You can listen to The New Day: Feel The Power every week via Endeavour Audio.

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