Kofi Kingston Says He’s Still Baffled That The Elite vs. New Day At E3 Actually Happened

Kofi Kingston is still surprised that New Day vs. the Elite actually happened at E3.

The longtime WWE star recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illusrtrated.com on Wednesday at Fenway Park in Boston before the Red Sox hosted the Texas Rangers as he threw out the first pitch.

In this interview, he talked about the contest that was held at E32018 on June 14th, 2018 in Los Angeles that saw Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E take on The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega in Street Fighter V, which is a fighting video game, in front of a crowd of fans.

“I’m still baffled that that actually happened. Think about WWE, when was the last time you saw them do any kind of inter-promotional stuff? Not in this era, right? On top of that, with a group like The Elite, these guys are at the top of the independent scene right now. Since we became a trio, everyone’s been talking about us doing stuff with The Elite. And we came close.”

Kingston reflected by stating that once they got there and start interacting with the group, he got goosebumps and still does when thinking about. He hopes that it will open the doors for some things in the future and if it does then do it in the WWE or NJPW or ROH.

Kingston noted that they try to push that envelope and keep the wrestling business thriving to have people interested in the things that are out of the box.

“That’s what wrestling is all about. This is a very special time right now. You’re seeing things in the industry you never thought you’d see. You never thought you’d see AJ Styles in the WWE or you never thought you’d see Kevin Owens or Shinsuke Nakamura or Asuka in a WWE ring, but yet here we are.”